About Us

In 1991, my family moved to America with big dreams! As soon as the plane landed, my mom was rushed to the hospital and I was born about 6 hours later, can you imagine that!? In a new country, not knowing much english and being rushed to the delivery room!

Most of my childhood consisted of me hanging out with my mom in our sewing business, where we worked on female clothing for companies like: California Concepts, BeBe, INC, BCBG and many more! Well she did most of the work, but I helped when I could!

Fast forward many years later, my parents decided to retire. With retirement came... boredom, tough financial times, and the need to be creative. We decided to open a new business, something that was more near and dear to our hearts. My mom never allowed me to have a dog, until one day my brother just brought one home without saying anything! My mom instantly fell in love and our pup Nike (you'll see him modeling our sample beds!) immediately brought love and laughter into our home.

We buckled down and started to work on designing dog beds, and it has been an awesome ride for us to be able to do something together that we love. We have many years of design experience and we'd love if you could take a look at our handmade with love beds. All of our beds are meticulously put together, and beautifully designed! Thank you for reading about us!