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Nest Bed - Washable Handmade Premium Dog Pet Bed

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After a day full of fetch and walks, your dog needs a great place to lay down and relax. Pet Patio’s 2 in 1 Round Nest Dog Bed is the perfect place for your puppy to recuperate. Premium quality materials and design make this bedding the perfect place for any animal to get some rest.


All materials are of high quality and soft, making them perfect for sleeping and relaxing. To meet our standards, beds only use:

  • Ultra-soft polyester fiber
  • Recycled fibers for the outer cover
  • Easily removable inner cushions for easy washing
  • All materials are made in Los Angeles, USA.


Our dog beds are perfect for any animal. Whether you have a few small puppies or a single large dog, this bed is perfect for any dog. They can comfortably curl up inside of the rolled cushion, or they can stretch out when you remove the inner pillow. Plus, our dog beds are environmentally friendly, using some recycled fibers and premium quality materials made in Los Angeles, USA. 

Top Features

  • High-quality design and materials
  • Versatile use by removing the inner pillow
  • Easy to wash cushion
  • Fits any sized dog, or multiple small dogs

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