2 in 1 Round Nest Dog Bed
dog bed made in the USA
High quality dob bed
made in the USA
Soft dog bed
Pet Patio

Nest Bed - Washable Handmade Premium Dog Pet Bed

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Nest beds are one of the most comfortable ways for your dog to recover after a long day of playing. Pet Patio’s 2 in 1 Round Nest Dog Bed is the bedding that your pet deserves. Premium materials and handmade design make this dog bed one of the best out there.


We use materials sourced from Los Angeles, meaning there are no carbon emissions from importing. Ultra-soft polyester fiber makes the inner pillow incredibly comfy, while a zipper in the sleeve makes washing a breeze. The round bolsters on the outside make this bed perfect for dogs who love to curl up, while the removable cushion means that your dog can easily stretch out.


Having a good dog bed for your loyal friend is about more than just a nice place to sleep. Soft bedding means your dog will be happier and healthier, and can make recovery from exercise and play . Pet Patio’s Nest Beds are handmade from premium materials and the outer cover is made of recycled fibers. This means that these dog beds are great for both your pup and the environment.

Top Features

  • High-quality materials
  • Ultra-soft polyester fiber
  • Promotes a healthy and happy life for your dog
  • Custom sizes available
  • Made in Los Angeles, USA

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